Our values

The University of Saskatchewan community values integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior, as noted in the statement of our mission, vision, and values.

Our Learning Charter identifies integrity and respect as one of our learning pursuits, including:

Academic integrity is a shared value in higher education around the world. The International Centre for Academic Integrity defines academic integrity as a commitment to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage.

Our strategy

An Academic Integrity Task Force, with a mandate to produce an action plan to support a culture of academic integrity, provided recommendations in 2023.

  • teach the values and skills for academic integrity in context and as they relate to ethical action in other areas of life; 
  • reduce the pressure and uncertainty students feel about assessment, including by providing practice with feedback and by normalizing help-seeking; 
  • use assessment designs and methods that are more likely to reduce academic misconduct; 
  • support instructors to address the academic misconduct they encounter through teaching as well as through policy and procedures; 
  • support developmental initiatives and programs for students and instructors; 
  • decolonize messages and practices related to academic integrity, attending to equity, diversity and inclusivity; 
  • express and disseminate institutional commitment to academic integrity 

  1. Increasing and expanding teaching and assessment practices that support academic integrity and reduce academic misconduct.
  2. Helping students to understand expectations and be responsible for academic integrity in their own learning.
  3. Updating regulations and procedures for improved function, guidance, information sharing, and educative responses.
  4. Investing in ongoing operationalization of academic integrity supports and functions.

  • December 2023  
  • Expected June 2024 
  • Expected December 2024 
  • Expected June 2025 

Dr. Susan Bens, Academic Integrity Strategist in the Office of Teaching and Learning

Our community

Academic integrity is a shared responsibility and commitment.

Across USask, faculty and staff and students work to support and maintain academic integrity.

  • Colleges and Schools: Each College/School has an identified administrator who handles matters related to the academic misconduct regulations. Check with the Dean's Offices.
  • Student unions:
    • USSU - Undergraduate students
    • GSA - Graduate students